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What class sessions I offer; • Power Yoga • Core Strength • Barre Fitness and Floor Barre • Rocket Yoga • Dynamic Yoga • Meditation • Vinyasa Flow • Hatha • Ashtanga • Yoga with weights • Restorative Yoga • Meditation Prices; FREE TRIAL CLASS; Nutrition Plan - £25 (used in conjunction with yoga sessions) One to ones - £65 per session or block of 10 for £500 OR train with a friend. 12 Group Sessions – 4 people £25 ppps 3 people £30 ppps 2 people £35 ppps OR 12 group sessions block prices with free nutrition plan. 4 people £200 PP 3 people £220 PP 2 people £280 PP Also available; Health & Wellbeing Transformation Packages. EAT BETTER. LOOK BETTER. FEEL BETTER I am passionate about adding value to peoples lives through a holistic health approach. Making people healthier is my aim, I combine fitness, yoga, massage, stress relief techniques, skin analysis with treatment and nutrition coaching to improve your overall wellbeing. I am dedicated to improving your life by transforming your body achieving long term results through a complete lifestyle change. I will boost your physical and mental wellbeing by offering a balanced fitness and therapeutic yoga plan together with improving your body from the inside out creating a new better you. Prices of packages are unique to you and are based on what you need. Please contact at for further details about this package.
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