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Environ Medical Collagen Stimulation Therapy

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Collagen Stimulation Therapy - Incredible results without surgery Collagen Stimulation Therapy, which also known as medical needling, has become very popular recently as we have discovered the enormous benefits of this powerful treatment. Dr Des Fernandes assisted with state of the art technology and has been using it within his plastic surgery practice for many years. The treatment stimulates the skin’s own ability to produce collagen and assist with the body’s natural healing powers. This treatment assists with ageing, sun damage, stretch marks, loose skin, uneven skin tone and dilated capillaries. Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ is suitable for all skin types and on all parts of the body. The skin does need to be fully prepared using Environ products and treatments prior to commencing a course of treatments. I can discuss this with you during a free 1 hour consultation. What are the advantages of medical needling? You will see incredible changes to the skin without the need for invasive surgery. Restores skins tightness & is an extremely effective treatment for sun damage, scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone & dilated blood vessels. Completely natural treatment, using the body’s own powers of rejuvenation It is not painful – a topical anaesthetic is used prior to the medical needling procedure. The healing phase is short and within one day clients are able to return to work. The procedure does not damage skin Can be done on all areas of face and body Does not increase your sensitivity to the sun The effects of treatment are long lasting. It can take several months for the full extent of new collagen to be formed. A very gratifying change occurs in dilated blood vessels, which may disappear. It is not as expensive as laser reurfacing and there is no damage to the skin.
Frequently Asked Questions What will happen during treatment? During this relatively painless procedure, I will apply a topical anaesthetic and will use a During this relatively painless procedure, I will apply a topical anaesthetic and will use a small instrument containing tiny needles to create thousands of microscopic channels in the lower levels of your skin. This causes a minimal amount of bleeding that stops within minutes. After the treatment I will cleanse your skin and apply nourishing vitamins A and C. You will notice that you look flushed as if you have sunburn, but this will fade over the next 2 or 3 days.
How does it work? The body responds to the treatment in the same way it would react to an injury, even though the wound is miniscule. There is a small amount of bleeding caused during treatment which releases powerful growth factors, which are part of a natural healing response, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production within the skin.
How many treatments will I require? That depends on each individual client and the results required, but a course of 6 at intervals of between 3 and 6 weeks is normally recommended. It can take 6 – 9 months to fully see the results due to the renewal process of collagen and elastin. Top up treatments may be required periodically for maintenance. Are there any possible side effects? You may develop a retinoid reaction: Symptoms include dry, sensitive skin with a flushed appearance which is similar to the after-effects of the treatment. This is nothing to worry about, after a few days your skin should return to its usual colour If you are prone to getting cold sores you might develop a herpes infection. If this occurs, apply a suitable anti-herpetic preparation such as Zovirax and contact your doctor It is extremely unlikely but if your skin becomes painful, inflamed and the redness increases, you may have developed an infection. In the unlikely event this does occur you must contact your doctor immediately You may develop small white spots on the skin called milia, which you should be able to wipe off with damp cotton wool and Sebuwash. If you cannot remove these then contact your doctor as they might be signs of an infection Are there any contra-indications? Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ is unsuitable if you have any of the following conditions: warts, skin cancer, skin infection, active acne, impetigo, uncontrolled diabetes or psoriasis. have used Roaccutane within the last 3 months If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you will not be able to have the treatment. If you are having, or taking, the following you will not be able to have Collagen Stimulation Therapy: anticoagulants, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. If you take aspirin, stop 3 days prior to the treatment with doctor’s consent Skin that is not thoroughly prepared on Environ skincare.This will all be discussed at the initial consultation. PRICE; Collagen Stimulation Therapy Price: £200.00 (including a free 1 hour consultation) Collagen Stimulation Therapy (Course of 3) Price: £555.00 Collagen Stimulation Therapy (Course of 6) Price: £995.00 Please note; Prices include purchase of the medical roller which is used for all treatments. Smaller individual areas can be treated for eg. Lines around the mouth or eyes. BEFORE AND AFTER CARE; Before Collagen Stimulation Therapy we recommend that you: Build up the the highest levels of Environ vitamins A and C that your skin can tolerate. Your therapist will advise you on how best to do this and what levels are recommended. Support your skin from within by taking supplements containing skin nutrients, such as those found in the Advanced Nutrition Programme Treatment Support Pack Use the Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit™ and/or Focus-Cit before and after having Collagen Stimulation Therapy. These can be used two days after treatment or as soon your skin feels comfortable, and will ensure that higher doses of the active ingredients penetrate your skin. Have Environ facials as frequently as possible throughout your course of Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ treatments. These can be done a few days either side of treatment. AFTER TREATMENT By the evening your skin may feel tight and will look sunburned. This may feel a little uncomfortable but is completely normal. Cleanse your face and apply your Environ vitamin A creams Avoid any products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) for the first 2 days You can wear make-up the day after treatment, but not on the actual day of the procedure. We highly recommend mineral cosmetics by Jane Iredale® as they are free from irritants and kind to the skin Don’t take anti-inflammatories (eg ibuprofen) as these will interfere with the healing process. Avoid smoking as this floods your skin with free radicals and limits the benefits of the treatment Avoid exercise for the first 24 hours as perspiration can cause a stinging sensation. Limit sun exposure for ten days. Your skin should return to normal by the third day, although it might still feel dry. Continue to apply your vitamin creams regularly to maximise results.