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Aromatherapy Massage 1 hour - £50 Aromatherapy treatments have both physiological and psychological effects. The combination of massage and the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of the essential oils (molecules both inhaled [aroma] and absorbed through the skin) can soothe, revitalise, uplift the spirit, encourage positive thinking and boost the immune system enabling the body to heal itself. Physiological Benefits - Aromatherapy massage can: • enhance lymphatic drainage - this helps to reduce fluid retention and prevent oedema • induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body • help to restore balance in the body • stimulate the body’s natural immune system • increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation • help to increase energy levels as blockages and congestion in the nerves are eased Psychological Benefits - Aromatherapy massage can: • promote a general state of well-being • calm and soothe the mind • help to reduce nervous tension • help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression
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